Buzet – the town of the largest white truffle in the world

No matter which side you reach it from, you’re guaranteed an ‘acropolean’ view of Buzet. The town is situated on a lonely hill, a few hudred metres long, in the widening of the Mirna River canyon. Its tourist attractions are: walled town at the top, the city gates at the south end, a church at the north end, narrow streets and baroque palaces in between, and a majestic baroque well in the middle of the town.

Old Buzet carries that unique patina of years gone by on every corner. At the foothill of the citadel a new town has sprung up. But both towns have something singular in common: truffles. Buzets surrounding countryside is the greatest habitat of the unique Istrian White Truffle (one has even entered the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest white truffle).


Accomodation: Hotels, apartments, rural farms, private rooms, mountain huts.

Natural sights

Truffles, springs with crystal clear water, the oldest linden tree in Istria (600 years, village of Slum), the oldest bauxite deposit in Europe (400 years), the Mirna River canyon, a series of cliffs to the north of the town – launching grounds for hang gliding and paragliding.


Heritage, Wine, Food

The old town of Buzet, 12th century frescoes at the St. Jerome’s Church’s cemetery in Hum, a human shaped pillar of shame in the village of Salež, the Buzet County Museum, villages where wood coal is still obtained the traditional way.

There are several wine and olive oil roads in the county. The area is known for truffle specialties and a brandy called biska, an authentic product of the region whose secret recipe is known only to a selected few producers who guard it jealously.


Entertainment, Recreation, Excursions

Buzet is known for car races, cycling paths, mountain and valley walks. The surroundings abound in tourist sites and villages, with a few places to eat. Nearby, there is one of the best-known launching grounds for hang gliding and paragliding in Europe. Excursions to Učka, Ćićarija, free climbing, mountain climbing, hunting and fishing.

Getting there:

Buzet lies on the main road which connects it to Rijeka (50km) and the Opatija Riviera (40km). The train line Ljubljana – Pula runs nearby.


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