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trakoscan castle dvorac


As a small fortress for monitoring the road from Ptuj to the Bednja valley in the 13th century Trakošćan occurs. It was first mentioned in written records in 1334.


Naturist Beach Crveni Otok

Crveni otok (Red Island) is made up of two islands – St. Andrew and Maskin which are interconnected by a narrow path. It can be reached by boat from mainland Rovinj becoming a 10-minute pleasant ride.


Nature Park Medvednica

Medvednica offers a variety of wonderful colors all four seasons which you will not find in any expressionist canvas. But what is the most valuable are the natural forests that cover nearly 80% of the Medvednica.


National Park Risnjak

The magnificent beauty of Gorski Kotar area and wonderful views of the Adriatic Sea – are an experience that every tourist, hiker or any visitor have to record in their memory.

Milanovacki Slap

National Park Plitvice Lakes

Foremost, the most beautiful and oldest national park in Croatia, Plitvice lakes, even back in 1979 – when it was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The main attraction of this park, unique in the world, consists of 16 cascading lakes varying in size interconnected with waterfalls created by deposition of travertine, a special kind of limestone.


National Park Kornati

In the central part of the stunning Croatian Adriatic, between Sibenik and Zadar town, there is a separate and in many ways special and magnificent group of islands called Kornati.



One walk around the city is sufficient to understand why Trogir is called the “city-museum”. Once Tragurion, that was founded by the Greek colonists in the 3rd century B.C., today Trogir is an unavoidable destination of many lovers of the European civilisation and culture.


National Park Brijuni

As for the true beauty the islands are since the beginning of the century a favorite tourist destination of world statesmen and aristocracy, and today tourists from all over the world, what time and time again proves the true value and beauty of this Croatian national park pearl.


Naturist beach Lokrum

Lokrum Island near Dubrovnik, is like the park is of the town area of Dubrovnik with the size of only 1.5 km. It is a stunning forest reservoir, nature park and botanical garden. Thanks to the mild climate in the small area there are a number of different plant species. It is the pearl of Croatian and tourist paradise.

Vransko jezero

Nature Park – Vrana Lake

Vrana Lake is a natural phenomenon and is the largest natural lake in Croatia. It is situated between two historical towns Zadar and Sibenik, a few kilometers from Biograd. The lake along with the surrounding area was declared a natural park in 1999.