It is a common prejudice that people who are dealing with many tasks at the same time are unsuccessful. It is the other way around!
I know many people who are all their life dealing unsuccessful businesses and even useless, and several others who turn into gold anything they touch.
Ivica Matosevic belongs, of course, the second mentioned category.
I have met people who are introducing them self by addressing their title along with their name: “Hello, I’m a doctor XYZ, “but until recently I did not know a single doctor of science who intoduces himself as a farmer.
Well, there you see, Ivica Matosevic belongs to the second category!
We often hear and read that those who had the honor and privilege to meet the so-called. “Big” people, from different activities, claim that everyone who came to the top in their occupation are usually simple and accessible (deceased Maestro Didi Sutej would say “they realized themselves”).
Well, now you guess who belongs in that category of privileged.
You already know the answer: Ivica Matosevic!

Croats, however, cannot forgive success, but Istria, at least geographically speaking, marginal part Croatian, so it’s not that ˝tide up˝. In Istria, imagine, olives are well growing, agro-tourism, and viticulture and winemaking …

For the success of viticulture and winemaking in Istria the above mentioned I.M is most worthy.

So we, here in the form of a small quiz, come to a basic vocation of this gentleman.

With Matosevic, a new approach to the Istrian winery starts, completely in line with European and world wine trends, even though it’s twenty years later.
He was very lucky, as he often likes to point out that neither his father nor grandfather produced wine. So the energy that other growers spend on persuading their fathers and grandfathers that today are approach to wine is almost completely different from theirs, traditional, he could use for personal improvement. And he did it in the best way possible: he doctorate in the Italian province of Collio at a time of the great wine producers of wine, like Graunera, etc.
With the timing therefore he was very lucky. Istria, as well as all of Croatia, just at that time, started waking up from a deep sleep of wine, a period when with regular meals wines where a must.
Winemakers “of first generation”, primarily Matosevic, Kozlović and Degrassi, they may well be responsible for the fact that it seems to us today as the dark pre-history of Croatian wine was very, very long time ago.
And it was, I said, twenty years ago!
There is another thing why Ivica Matosevic belongs to the avant-garde of the wine in the region. Back in the days, when most other winemakers constitute blasphemy, or at the very least unnecessary expense, in his cellar began to work his colleague, an oenologist, Sasa Topolovac. The author of these lines in one of the first to visits to this wine temple Matosevic, had long talk with the gentleman for whom he was absolutely sure is the owner of the cellar, and only at the end of the conversation found out that wasn’t Ivica but Sasa! The fact that after all these years, Sasa, says Ivica, became a part of the “family” very much favors the quality of their wines. Their different mentalities perfectly match.

Thesis from the beginning of the text on the versatility of the Istrian wine bard, the self-proclaimed urban farmer, world traveler, incurable workaholic and hedonist, Ivica Matosevic for these reasons we can’t elaborate. We have yet to mention that the results of his manager career (Vinistra, vintners association, whose president he is for the last 7 years, and the same named wine fair, which is just under his leadership became the largest Croatian fair and very relevant in this part of Europe) exceeded even his not-so-small expectations (star sign: Leo),  a very positive marks in the ecology of Istria achieved fighting as director of Nature Histrica successfully against environmental devastation (cape Kamenjak affair), while he still had the will and the power to actively participate in politics.
But passion for wine is not the only thing that drives him to great achievements. If approaching his basement in a summer evening, you hear sound of rock music, you’ll know that the oenologist, environmentalist, businessman … embodied in the figure of Ivica Matosevic for a moment let the rocker come out!

Author: Voljen Grbac for Pearls of Croatia

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