In the northwestern part of Istria, south of Brtonigla by Mirna valley is the village of Nova Vas, where family Bursicolive groves are located. Buršić family has for generations been engaged in agriculture. They invest their time, knowledge and effort in developing agriculture.

Particularly favorable for the olive cultivation in Nova Vas near Mirna are the soft and sunny hills that descend to the river.

For the family Bursic olive cultivation is a continuous challenge with the goal of achieving absolute quality.

Istria’s bjelica, Buza, Bova, Pendolino and Leccino are cultivars are prevalent in the specialized farming.
Family Bursic produces Pendolino, Leccino and De Kleva olive oil.
Pendolino extra virgin olive oil is the oil of a golden-yellow color with a smell of olives, fresh cut clover, artichoke and refined scent of almond. This oil can be added to any cuisine, but it is best with grilled meats and delicious Istria’s minestrone.

Leccino extra virgin olive oil is a clear green color, strong aroma of olives, chicory and fresh cut grass. His value is precious in preparing dishes of vegetables, meat, mushrooms, in addition to delicious shellfish specialties.

De Kleva extra virgin olive oil is a blend of three types of olives: Istria’s bjelica, Lenccino and Pendolina.It has a warm, bright-green, clean herbal scent with gentle notes of apple, compact and delicious mixture.This oil is recommended with a variety of salads, cooked vegetables, and as an addition to fish specialties.

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